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  1. Kerry Williams

    Skin Problems

    Hello all, this is my Bellatrix, she will be one in April. She seems to have been struggling with a skin issue since she was very young, although I don't remember her looking like this when we brought her home. I am aware it could be something in my home making this happen but I try to use...
  2. AnjyMonster

    First time Sphynx mom, bringing home two bald babies 9/18!!!

    I suppose I should start this with a little background information... I grew up with cats... not just your standard domesticated house cats either (I had 3 of these as well), we had a Siberian Tiger, a Jaguar, and 2 Florida Panthers. I LOVED cats as a girl growing up, and aspired to be the...
  3. Darina

    red spots / need help

    hello everybody! I have a question about red spots my sphynx kitten has on his skin. They are different size and swelled (especially on his head). They seem a little itchy. These disappear (or get smaller) in 3-4 days and new ones appear again soon. I took him to the vet and he said it is a...
  4. Rox

    How can I keep my beloved PaulCat and darling (yet allergic) boyfriend?

    My partner and I are considering moving in together but there is one major hiccup in these plans; he's allergic to my cat. Because it has to do with an enzyme in the saliva it's almost worse that there's no fur involved. How can I have the best of both worlds?; keeping my commitment to both of...
  5. sigridur

    sphnyx being hypoallergenic

    I keep reading that the sphynx isn't really hypoallergenic and causes as much allergies as a normal cat because the allergies doesn't exactly come from the fur but from their skincells and saliva. But still, my boyfriend doesn't get allergies from our sphynx, only if he's been petting him and...
  6. Linrah

    Kitten covered in bumps

    My almost 4 month old kitten has recently developed spots (kind of like a rash) mainly on her sides. The bumps are all difference sizes. It started with one or two spots about two weeks ago and only got really bad in the last 3 days. As far as I can tell they don't irritate her. She doesn't lick...
  7. admin

    Are Sphynx cats Hypoallergenic?

    No, not really. Yes it's true, some animals seem to be more tolerable than others when it comes to an allergic reaction, and many allergic Sphynx owners have claimed they are less hypoallergenic, the truth is - there are no cats including the sphynx that do not cause allergic reactions due to...
  8. admin

    Sphynx Skin Conditions

    #1 Food allergies: Another very common issue many sphynx owners run into is food allergies. Many studies have shown that certain ingredients contained in cat food are more likely to cause food allergies than others. The most common offenders are beef, lamb, seafood, corn, soy, wheat gluten and...