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automatic feeder

  1. nikialexander

    Collars on their babies for a sure feeder?

    Hi all, We have a 14yo female Maine Coon with kidney issues , 1.5 yo male Sphynx with allergies and soon to be a 12 week old male Sphynx (with hopefully no ailments )and they will all need different diets. I’ve been told to get a Sure Petcare feeder from my vet that works with microchips or a...
  2. Maddie

    Feedandgo Feeder: Astrid's First Automatic Feeder

    Hi! Astrid's feeder came today! They came back in stock just in time thankfully. Was pretty easy to set up, had to manually set it up to Wi-Fi. The "easy" way was not working at all lol of course. It's a bit noisy, but it doesn't seem to freak Astrid out. I have it set for her four daily...
  3. Maddie

    Automatic Feeder Suggestions

    Hi! Since Astrid is now on a diet, she has certain times she likes her food now. So to keep this when my school schedule changes, I am looking into an automatic portion/feeder that allows me to pick times for four meals, and measures in tablespoons. Would love some suggestions! My budget is...
  4. redmonsMUM88

    I dont know if anyone else does this..

    but redmon loves those little temptation cat treats and i of course give them after games or whatever but sometimes.. mm err i should say daily or def every other day.. like to hide the treats in his bed, in his cat tree, window sill, just diff places around the apt for him to find throughout...