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  1. M

    We have 3 babies! 30 days until due date

  2. Screenshot_2019-08-11-17-02-56.png


    Asti crying she needed a mommy and it worked she got me to buy her few days later
  3. Frances

    Breeding Questions!

    Hello, I am new to Sphynx Lair. I have a sphynx/Bengal female who is 8 months old. I want to have kittens but I know nothing about breeding sphynx cats. I know her and the male will need to be the same blood type, she should be at least 1 year old and she will need her shots before getting...
  4. captain_tinky

    Gotcha day on Sunday!

    With gotcha day just around the corner we've been getting the cat room all set up for the little ones. We had given the Breeder a blanket so we could get their scent on it, nice and mushroomed up pip has already smelled the blanket and even bundled herself in it. 3/4 of the kittens will be home...
  5. Snapcrcklpop

    New To The Breed, Is This Normal?

    I am new to the breed and I just wanted to get some opinions from you guys! My new kitten will be 17 weeks on Thursday. He came with a full bill of health from the breeder and has since seen the vet twice where he was pronounced healthy. I was always under the impression that kittens were very...
  6. Sphnxophelia

    Althea's Kittens!!!

    Hey All, Althea had her Kittens on March 21st! They are growing up so darn fast and seems like just yesterday I woke up next to a kitten in my bed, lol. Her birth went smoothly this time, No Problems whatsoever. There are 2 girls and 2 boys. 2 of them actually came out with Hair...
  7. captain_tinky

    As promised, pictures...

    So I went and visited the kittens today at my breeder's house. The babies are officially 4 weeks old today, and they are already very active. It was hard picking just one because I wanted them all, but of course I got lucky since my kitten actually picked me today. So as I promised here are the...
  8. captain_tinky

    Bring on the babies!

    About an hour and a half ago I got a text message from my breeder. Completely unexpected since she works nights, so we open up the text and what do we see? BABIES! Yes, my kitten is in this litter so I'm excited since I get first pick. The mother had 4 babies, and every kitten is blue just like...