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  1. Spacecat

    Sores on the back of Sphynx's legs

    A friend of mine has a problem with her Sphynx. I was talking about it to another friend on line who said she used to come here along time ago. She said there were a couple of owners who had the same problem and I might ask if they are still here. She remembered one name Michele Been and her cat...
  2. Don Waffle

    Sore on Back after Spay....??

    Hello my fellow Lairians! I love coming to visit here and there and see all these cute little fur-less balls of love! They're all so sweet!! I have a question though, regarding Waffles. She Is 2.5 Years old and we had her spayed last Wednesday. There was an injection site, and off to the...
  3. yeaimemi

    Meeka's Back!

    Hello SphynxLair! My name is Emily, & I've been gone for quite some time but decided to hop on back to see how everyone is doing, & reintroduce myself considering I've missed a lot. :) I adopted Meeka from Craigstlist in July of 2012. She came to me with a serious eye infection! We were told...