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  1. Bosskitty

    Happy birthday Mouse!

    4 today!! :) (Not a huge fan of the hat ahah) x
  2. Asti hula birthday 9 months old

    Asti hula birthday 9 months old

  3. Asti bday hula style

    Asti bday hula style

  4. 7 months old b-day hat n dinner

    7 months old b-day hat n dinner

  5. gildedlily

    Hey, Im Pru's Mom!

    Hey everyone, My name is Lily and I am Prunella's (Pru's) mom! Pru just turned 1 on November 3rd! She enjoys playing being a spider monkey, playing fetch, sunbathing, knocking over anything and everything, eating and cuddling. No couch is safe and no area rug immovable. Enjoy, this photo...
  6. GMPLAX23

    Petco visit

    Hi everyone! Tut turned 1 on August first so I wanted to spoil him with a new toy and a trip to the store! He did so well :D He did meow a whole lot in the car but was comfortable in the store. He was great on his leash and meandered (as cats do). The employees were very inviting and interested...
  7. SupplyPipe28

    Birthday Cake for Raw Diet Kitties?

    Hi everyone, Our baby boy is turning 1 tomorrow :love::love::love: and I've been flip-flopping on making him a birthday cake only because I can't seem to find any recipes for cats on a raw diet - does anyone (@Xandria ? :happy:) have a recipe they'd like to share?! So far, he has no allergies...
  8. Hairless Blessing

    Happy Birthday, Izmae!!!

    My Beautiful Baby Girl...
  9. Maddie

    Astrid's First Birthday!

    So it is Astrid's first birthday today! My mom sent her a little package for the occasion too. Even made the family sign it lol To celebrate Astrid will of course get extra kibble, nothing too fancy since she doesn't like anything. And I'm out of cheese puffs so she's out of luck there! Lol...
  10. BusterTheCat

    Buster's Birthday!!!!

    Happy birthday to my beautiful boy, Buster!!! He is eight today and lovin it! Here's a birthday photo in his new Christmas sweater and scarf!!! <3
  11. Hairless Blessing

    Izmae's birthday today.

    My Miss, Prissy, Priss, Queen, spoiled rotten, girl. I will love her until my last breath.