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black sphynx

  1. cbearstare

    My Black Sphynx had Drastic Pigment Change

    So I've been looking at this topic on this site and seen quite a bit of varying information. Mostly I was looking at pictures to see if anyone else has had a sphynx with such drastic pigment change as mine. It was like overnight he was 4 shades darker. But this was followed by about 2 weeks of...
  2. Monica

    Don’t judge me...

    To passs the ever-so-slowly moving time until Gotcha Day... ... I went on my breeders FB and obsessively went through her entire post/picture feed over the last 4 years and basically tracked down my kitten’s family line from kitten to adulthood . That’s normal right?!? On mom’s side, I was...


  4. AnjyMonster

    First time Sphynx mom, bringing home two bald babies 9/18!!!

    I suppose I should start this with a little background information... I grew up with cats... not just your standard domesticated house cats either (I had 3 of these as well), we had a Siberian Tiger, a Jaguar, and 2 Florida Panthers. I LOVED cats as a girl growing up, and aspired to be the...
  5. I see you

    I see you

    Sister can't sneak up on me!