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black tongue

  1. Jennyaitchison

    Black Tongue?? 7 vets have no clue??

    Hi everyone! First post on here so I hope I post everything okay haha! I have a Sphynx (half Canadian half donsky) who is 9 months old called Mew. She recently got spayed a few weeks ago and was absolutely fine after her surgery other than wasn't very fussed about food and a bit sleepy. Two...
  2. Savannah Burris

    Black tongue??

    My 6 month old kitten, Oliver, was neutered last Tuesday, and he also received his rabies shot that day. Ever since then, his appetite has just been off - he will scream for food and then only eat a few bites before ignoring it. He will, however, eat treats and take cooked food (like chicken)...
  3. CassidySarah29

    Black Tongue & New Spots

    My baby, Yoda, has been diagnosed with a blood disorder that causes her to have thin paw pads and she has developed a small cyst as a result as well. She was on steroids for awhile to help, and after she stopped them- her tongue turned black and has been black ever since. I've brushed it off...