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  1. Raymartha

    Black tongues!

    Hey all, hope your well, both my babies have black on their tongues but only in the centre where the papillae is and it does vary in amount and comes and goes. The vet has said for us to look for something around the house that they have been licking or chewing but can’t really find anything and...
  2. O

    Pigmentation? Dark Skin on my sphynx.

    You can see from the images, that it's not raised or red or swollen, it's just... colored different. It started a 2 years ago, and it comes and goes; it's going through a big flair right now. She's allergic to any kind of poultry; she had so many issues when I rescued her. (But that's another...
  3. OJC

    Breeders - what color is this wee girl?

    We had three babies born 12.5 weeks ago. The boy was definitely black when he arrived, one lilac girl and the other girl a warm dark gray color with stripes, almost like a tabby (which I read blue's look like when born). As the boy grew he became lighter in color so now he's the same shade as...


  5. Khatlisi, mother of kittens.

    Khatlisi, mother of kittens.

    Ludwig @ludwigandsabbath
  6. Khatlisi, mother of kittens.

    Khatlisi, mother of kittens.

    Sabbath @ludwigandsabbath
  7. Merman


  8. Talia

    Cleaning products and diet- new baby on 9th June!

    Hi! Ive been obsessed with Sphynxs (and all animals) for years and years! I decided to finally go for it and get my own little Sphynx! He will not be ready until 9th June. He is a little dark wrinkly black boy! :') I am aware you have to trim their nails, clean their ears and bathe them. I am...
  9. I see you

    I see you

    Sister can't sneak up on me!
  10. Luv Sphynx

    Rare Color

    Are solid blue or solid black rare colors? Which is more rare or sought after? Thanks