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  1. Nicky00

    Best way to make kitty happy at a boarding cattery/hotel

    Hi! So I'm going to go on vacation soon and will be boarding my naked baby. I'm just concerned because her maintenance is a handful Also she is very attached to me and my room. Are there any recommendations on how I can make her transition and stay at the cattery as smooth and stress free as...
  2. rucaruca

    2 week vacation, SO worried about my naked baby

    Hello everyone! I currently live alone and have one sphynx, Ruca. He is the sweetest kitty! I feel bad that I'm gone a lot because I work two jobs as an RN. He is used to being home alone, but every time I come home he is SO excited to see me and won't leave my side. I'm considered getting...
  3. Klytemnestra

    Going on holiday/vacation

    Hi there, we'd like to go away for 3 days and have usually had someone come in to look after our furry cats twice a day. With the Sphynx, I'm not so sure that's sufficient and have been considering a boarding cattery. What do you guys do when you're out and about for a couple of days? If you...