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#bumps #rash

  1. Alizondaz

    My Bambino Baby has a Rash

    I got my Bambino in May of this year, the breeder we got her from informed us of her having a rash due to getting into poison oak. She also mentioned that her rash was almost cleared and we wouldn't need to do anything with it. However, about a month into having her we became more concerned with...
  2. Eveenas

    Red/white bumps all over my kitten

    Hi everyone I purchased a kitten 2-3 weeks ago off a lady, 1 week in he started to develop a rash, it was on his neck, head and ears These were big pimple looking red bumps, I went to the vet 4 days ago and they told me it was due to dry skin, I have been applying coconut oil to his skin and the...
  3. byulbunny

    Found this rash...

    Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong place but I hope somebody can help... Just found this awful looking rash on my flatmate's sphynx and wondered if anybody has advice? I'm of course going to insist my friend takes our baby to the vet for a check up. I recently tried to point out she should...
  4. jessieandsan

    Please Help! red bumps and skin irritation

    hi. my baby san (8months) has large red bumps in her leg creases, armpits, sometimes back, and sometimes forehead. she’s very sensitive and we have tested her for allergies. i’m feeding her nulo cod food and turkey wet food from blue buffalo (both foods she doesn’t have allergies to the...
  5. Catstuff

    Bumps and red open bumps on my 10month old boy

    Help! He is no longer on a poultry diet just fish and potato.however these weird bumps just showed up over night