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  1. vilialbu

    Radiator burn (?)

    Hi everybody! My sphynx is 6 months old now, but when he was 3 months old I started to notice his belly getting darker. In the beginning, it was not that noticeable, but around Christmas, his belly turned pretty black. I realized it might have been from the radiator (although it was set on...
  2. Yana and Osiris

    Brown crusty spot

    Hello everyone! Having checked the similar posts I'm still unsure if this is a burn, which I first suspected to be. The spot appeared yesterday out of the blue. But today it's kinda peeling off and I noticed 2 other smaller spots on the back. My other guess is allergy or maybe even skin fungal...
  3. M

    Is this a scab/skin burn? What to do?

    Hello everyone! I got a new 12 week old kitten, his name is Moon, almost two weeks ago now. Everything has been great, he started eating the same day, running around, and being very affectionate with my husband and I. About 3 days ago, his eye started having issues and he started shaking...
  4. maxwellb

    Rug burn-like scabs

    Hello all! I recently brought my Sphynx home this past Wednesday, and we noticed these dark brown “scabs” developed on his hind legs, paws, and tail. It wasn’t like this when we got him. What could this be? We are using Fresh Step Simply Unscented kitty litter and also use Arm & Hammer extra...
  5. Mr Electrical

    Easily Burnt?

    Hello! I am looking at getting a sphynx but my breeder told me something that worries me. She said that sphynx don't have the ability to know when hot is too hot. She said that if you don't watch them very carefully, they'll walk right into a lit fireplace, an oven, curl up around a hot stove...