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canadian male sphynx

  1. PsyGal

    Sphynx (M) Foster/Rehome, Long Island, NY

    Hello, Im looking to rehome/foster if possible a one year old (two in June) pink Canadian Sphynx with blue eyes. Psy (Simon) is my baby Sphynx boy [emoji3590] he loves pets, playing, and snuggling in his favorite red blanket (I will provide, along with his bed if you’d like!). He has...
  2. A

    New sphynx

    Hello all ! I’ve recently adopted a female Dwelf I drove 14 hours to go get her and realized she was sick during the car ride home . Turns out she has conjunctivitis and feline herpes :( I paid 2500 for her and the breeder was pressing me to give her 500 more for breeding rights (even went as...