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  1. gollumthesphynx

    Heart Murmur and Castration

    Hello my fellow Sphynx Lovers! I'm starting this thread out of concern for my 6.5 month old male sphynx, Gollum. He is scheduled for his castration this Friday. However, when I took him to the vet yesterday evening for a general check up, they diagnosed him with a grade 2 heart mumur (he's had...
  2. Amy31

    Happy mum!

    This is most likely a pointless post but I just needed to share how over the moon I am! As some of you may know I was really scared about having my prince neutered! After many phone calls I found a vet that dos not use ketamine, of course, like any mum, I was still very worried, I pulled up to...
  3. Amy31

    Good bye walnuts!

    so! I feel like I'm over posting at the moment and feel like an over protective crazy, but I enjoy having fellow cat mums and dads reassurance and now more than ever I need it! Upon discussions with my vet about the use in ketamine and my not being to happy with the discussion I have rung round...