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  1. Jordanebbitt93

    Nail split

    Hey all! I have had my sphynx girl for about three weeks now. When I got her, she was in real need of a good bath and a good clean around her eyes, ears and nails. She had changed hands about four times and shes only two, bless her. Whoever had her first didn't look after her very well, she...
  2. Daina

    Nail issues - claws not growing.

    Hello! I was curious if anyone would have an idea about this. My sphynxy has two nails that haven't been growing. The rest of her nails are just fine - I clip them regularly but two on her left front paw are always short and it seems they just barely cover the quick area. Also, when I clean...
  3. kelsheyyx

    Not only my first Sphynx, but my first cat! I have many questions!

    Hi all :) I'm Kelsey and I just got my baby girl Ophelia this past Sunday. I am SO in love with her! I've seen a lot of people posting about kittens getting used to dogs. I have two Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes, and they are veryyyy curious about her. And as small as they are, they seem huge compared...
  4. AimeeFawn

    Escape Artist

    Boogs has been working on this little project for about 6 months now. Time to get the duct tape out and get a new screen door! Sneaky... :bored: How can you be mad at this face though?