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  1. gianna

    One of my boys is extra oily. Help? ALSO, fav products for cleaning paws?

    Hi all. I have 2 sphynx boys, Albus (6) and Draco (2), and Draco is significantly more oily than Albus. He gets dirtier faster, his ears get waxier faster, and his nails get gunkier faster. Which of course means that between baths (1-2 weeks), furniture and counters get more marks on them. Does...
  2. S

    Natural Shampoo for Sphynx

    I’m wondering which shampoo people have found to be the best? Initially I visited Whiskers Holistic Pet Care store in 2013 and was recommend a shampoo from a brand called Gold, but this was discontinued within a couple of years. I was then recommended an algae shampoo from same pet store, and...
  3. Maddie

    Suggestions for Removing Oil Stains

    So, Astrid has stained my sheets. Apparently pushing the bath two days was a bad idea lol new food makes her so dirty, but it fixed everything else. Merg. She's off the gastro one and onto a calorie one now so hopefully that switch helps :) My sheets have been washed twice and treated with two...
  4. Maddie

    Bath night!!

    Well, Astrid's first real bath went well. She only escaped the tub once! I used the blue dawn dish soap in the water and Vétoquinol care for sensitive skin shampoo on her. It left her with the slight coconut smell, nothing over powering thankfully! It rinsed off easily too. She only allowed for...
  5. How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe your sphynx cat. http://www.sphynxlair.com - The largest Sphynx cat community in the World!
  6. Sushi


    spoiled sushi !!!
  7. Jacks153

    Hi !

    Hello fellow "Owned By Sphynx Humans "I wanted to introduce myself - my name is JC- & let everyone know about our complete Sphynx line for the Sphynx breed that is 100% organic and used by well known breeders in California . Works amazing ! No harsh chemicals or words you can't pronounce . This...