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  1. Lola Dineen


    Hi all - I know there are threads on this and I have done some research, but want your expert advice! I am transitioning back to raw with both my boys (2 and a half yo brothers) - the transition time has been about 4 weeks now -- mixed canned and raw. In the past week and a half or so, both...
  2. Aden

    Update on Nuru's IBD

    In the last 2 weeks, I have gradually switched Nuru's food from Blue Basics to Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion. His stools have been much firmer and I have noticed that he is more energetic. I am happy with his progress so far but he remains struggling with both constipation and diarrhea. In...
  3. MCLetter

    Recurring Late Night Vomiting, Possible Constipation

    Hi guys - wanted to get some input on Cleo's recent development. The past two nights she has thrown up around 2am. It's completely digested food, not a clear liquid or bile, but it's fairly runny because she's on a raw diet. She eats ground duck with bone 2x a day, and it's been doing great for...
  4. MelissaAlice

    Constipated after surgery.

    So Elfie had her surgery last week on Thursday. Then she was put under again that same evening for the bleeding issue. Now I noticed that she wasn't really pooping, but wasn't surprised because she had diarrhea that evening andhadn't eaten in over 24 hrs. Well she still isn't pooping and...
  5. lyndxe


    hey everyone, our two boys, Boris and Melvin, are steadily growing, and just last week received their neuter surgery (at the age of 6 months). they're amazing, and we love them both so much! they really have made our lives wonderful. i do have one small concern though. or maybe not so small...