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cornish rex

  1. K

    About Sphynx

    Hello my name is Alex, I'm thinking about currently purchasing a Sphynx Cat or a Cornish Rex. My mother doesn't like fur a lot so these seem to be the perfect choice but I would like to ask a question to the community. I've heard that Sphynx cat get oily in general and wanted to know which cat...
  2. Dallassummer

    And then there was three!

    Hello lairians! We are adopting our third little baby in two weeks! She isn't a sphynx, but a cornish rex. She's suppose to be the biggest, most playful of her litter. We are very excited. We had to make some adjustments to our house; a new litter robot, air purifer, more food. I am very...
  3. Dallassummer


    So I have two sphynx's currently. I recently put a deposit on a beautiful cornish rex kitten, ready to go in July. I got a Cornie because my Fiance likes them and there were no sphynx's available at the time. Well now I found this beautiful sphynx kitten available also ready to go in July.. Am...
  4. Chaz Smith

    Hello from Chaz and Loki!

    Hi guys! My names Charlotte and I've had my little Loki for just over a year. Loki is a mischievous little thing who's best friend is Heimy the cornish rex I look forward to speaking to you guys and getting to know some other sphynx lovers!