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  1. Frankieyates

    Help! Noisy boy

    My partner and I got our first sphynx kitten Sid on Saturday. He’s such a snuggly loving baby but he is so so loud. He screams constantly throughout the day while my partner is working (he works from home) but even when he’s in the same room, he doesn’t get any comfort from being close and will...
  2. Gray

    At my wits end, need help

    Hi everyone, When I first adopted my cat I was in a very different space. I worked 8-12 hour days, had a well paying job, lived with a S.O., and most of all I was healthy. Since getting her I broke up with that partner, have been diagnosed with Lupus after a debilitating flare/episode, am now...
  3. SaraWilly

    Sooky baby

    Hi all, I have a question, Francis love love loves outside! He will wake up, cry to wake the hubby and myself up then sit at the door and cry and cry and cry to go outside. He gets a minimum of an hour outside everyday but that doesn't stop him. Il bring him back inside and he will run around...
  4. Loric4712

    Pray 4 Loric

    :cry: Please help this spread all over the internet. BREAK THE INTERNET. FORGET ABOUT KIM K! I LOVE MY BABY :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: He is already at NHVS and the surgery is being performed tomorrow. :cry::cry::cry: Pray that he does not have any complications please! Feel free to share...