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  1. sphynkles


    Ok ok... im FREAKING OUT!!! I came into my laudry room because my sphynx boy Kilo was mewing about his litter box being full, so i went in to clean it, but on the floor there was two puddles of what looked like blood!!! I freaked out! Sometimes kitty pees on the floor if i forget to clean his...
  2. Dallassummer

    Crystals & Weight Loss

    Simba's had a long journey of health issues lately, he had a mass of struvite crystals and he was a hefty 14.8 lbs. All the vets reccommended the prescription food, with numerous amounts of meds such as prednisone- an anabolic steroid, and dasaquin- a glucosamine supplement, & salt. The main...
  3. TWPInc

    Urinary Blockage in kitten

    Good Morning, I am reaching to anyone on here that have any history of cats with a urinary blockage. I ended up in the er vet last week sunday with Beauie. He was near death due to a blackage. He was catheterized and help over night. I picked him up and took him to our vet first thing monday...