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  1. Marerickson

    Evening snuggles

    Zhuri got the rest of her shots today. Poor babe cried like a baby! Now we are spending the rest of the evening snuggling under a warm blanket in bed catching up on our shows :kiss: i live for these moments with her! My heart is so full
  2. sammii138

    looking to adopt in MA area

    Looking to give a loving home to a sphynx in need ,I'm located in Massachusetts and currently have an 8 month old dog and 3 year old cat and am interested in expanding my family
  3. deesphynxqueen


    Well the days come and I FINALLY was able to get my little girls. let me tell you I have one furry queen who is super annoyed with my new furless queen. The other little girl is much more mellow and timid. But 3 hours after I'm home and we are snuggling on the couch. My two new sphynx girls love...