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dark spots

  1. D

    Spots around belly and under arms

    Hello my 8 month old sphynx just suddenly showed these spots under belly under arms and neck. They are brown circles. Don't stick out not scabby. And my kitty doesn't show signs of lethargy. She acts normal. Has bathes normally we haven't done anything differently. I don't think. What...
  2. Rosemair

    Spot or lump?

    I noticed this spot on my cat about a week ago now, it's not really changed. I was wondering if anyone knows what this could be?
  3. Borinoa

    Dark patches of skin on neck and front paws

    Hi all! Hoping someone can help. My baby boy Odin has like a darkening of his skin on his neck and front paws. I thought at first maybe this was just a build up of oils, but bathing him hasn’t helped any. He usually gets a bath every week or every other week with wipe downs in-between. I am not...
  4. C


    Hi, I need some help. My poor guy, Artie, is itching so so bad. He’s constantly rubbing himself on me, the bed, the sofa, or whatever he can find to scratch on. I just got him last week and haven’t changed his food much except to introduce some freeze dried raw by Stella and Chewy. He came to me...
  5. M

    Mystery Spots!!

    Disclaimer: I'm a pre-med so "too many details" may follow. Hi everyone! I've been tracking a skin problem with my ~4 year old Sphynx. But I haven't found a single spot that looks like hers anywhere online so I'm happy to hopefully contribute informative info once we get this solved. I haven't...
  6. AlbertoMp3

    Skin patches

    Hi my 4 month old Sphinx has these spots on her back that haven’t gone away and the side and they aren’t raised or itchy or anything but they just look weird, is it worth bringing up to the vet when I see them again/make an appointment for?
  7. Fbtreanor

    Chewing end of tail and dark freckle like spots. Allergy?!

    Hi all! This is my first post here! I have been stalking it since before I became a Sphynx mommy in September 2018. My 6mo blue kitty has developed these dark grey, non-raised spots on the neck, back and sides. Simultaneously she has started to chew the end of her tail for quite a bit of time...
  8. C

    Dark spots all over body.

    Every since my Spyhnx cat arrived shes had these dark spots on her. Does anyone know what they could be?
  9. N

    Dark spots on my sphynx back... anyone help ?

    Hello ::) ... I'm new here, I have a sphynx 1 year old... and yesterday I noticed small dark spots on his back near his tail ... today they just look worst... more and bigger, it seems it doesn't hurt or anything just the pigmentation /some pics attached/ any idea ... I'm pretty worried ... his...
  10. AndreaM

    Multiplying Large Black Spots

    I've dug into some of the past forums here on the skin spot issues, but I hadn't seen anything quite like what my almost 13-year-old male has. He's a black & white tux and over the years has had multiplying freckles and moles. He loves the sun, so this is no surprise. Within the past couple of...
  11. Marcin92

    Weird spots above eye :(

    Hi, my 6months baby developed some dark spots on her face mainly above her right eye. I dont really like the way it looks however my main concern is healthwise if it could be something serious? It doesnt seem to bother her, its just dark spots no bleeding or cuts/sores. Any advice how to get rid...
  12. Yoda mom

    Black Sphynx pigmentation

    I recently adopted a black Sphynx that has a very large area of pigmentation on only one side of his body. He was sunbathing in the window at his previous home. He was vet checked last month. The vet report diagnosis said it is normal pigmentation for his age - almost 4 yrs old - and basking...