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  1. Zeusandmum

    Paw Prints On My Heart Forever

    None of you will know me, as I've never posted to this site, but instead have used it to read about sphynx cats often. Zeus was my three year old sphynx baby. Born June 21 2015. He passed away suddenly last Friday, January 25 2019. He was my best friend and my baby, and I'm having a really hard...
  2. Radwan masri

    My Sphynx Died

    Hi All; Yesterday morning I woke up only to find my Spynx dead on my floor, he was an active smart lovable male very interactive. It was a devastating moment & was sobbing all day yesterday. I am a 55 years male divorced, jobless, living alone. This is my 1st pet & he was only 11 months old...
  3. KhaosKatze

    Gone but not forgotten Gizmo

    Its been a while since I posted. Last night I had to do the most painful and hardest thing ever. As a cat mom and sufferer if depression and chronic illness my precious Donskoy Gizmo was a joy and huge part of my life and my husbands. I adopted him through a rescue site from a owner needing to...
  4. KelseaLoren

    Dog losing his best friend

    This is kind of a sad topic, but I need some advice. My dog Sam has a best friend who is very ill, the golden retriever next door, Coach. Coach is probably only going to make it a couple more weeks, and I know that Sam is going to be devastated. Coach is too sick to go on walks, but Sam will...