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devon rex

  1. tessaelise16

    Looking to adopt Sphynx kitten/young/adult in the San Antonio, TX area!

    Hi there! My name is Tessa and I have been fond of Sphynx/Devon Rex cats for as long as I can remember! I haven't had any luck with finding one at any local shelters and I dont know how to feel about the "professional breeders" and their high costs.. I am happy to have found this site! :cat...
  2. K

    Kitten from Sphynx outcrossed with Devon Rex?

    So I have committed to a sphynx kitten whose mother is purebred sphynx and father is Devon Rex. I was told this was an outcross to improve health. The kitten is hairless but I am wondering if it is possible, or common, that an outcross like this will cause the kitten to grow hair in the future...