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dirty ears


    Food sensitive and dirty ears

    I just took aurora to the vet today her ears would get extremely dirty even after cleaning. They said she has yeast and bacteria and they gave drops to put in every 12 hours. However they said it can be caused by food sensitivity she is currently eating instinct kitten food I need to get new...
  2. JenFid

    Mulder's dirty ear!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me figure out what might be going on with one of Mulder's ears! His right one, specifically. It's quite strange really...his left ear, I think I've maybe cleaned twice since I got him. It is always sparkling clean, no joke! I thought maybe it was Ponzu...
  3. Amy31

    Ear gunk

    i took my little one for ear cleaning at the vets this morning, just checked and his ears are filthy again! Except now he won't let me go near them unlike before when I would regulary clean his ears with no problem..I was hoping this would last a it longer! Does anyone else's baby ears build up...