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  1. Tzaphkiel

    Multiple cats (not sphynx)+1 new sphynx dry food regiment

    Hello everyone, Lovely photos all over the site!!! I'm so very eager to get my Natsu tomorrow ! As you see, I'm getting a new kitten Sphynx (male) of 4 months old tomorrow midday. As we have dogs and other cats (not sphynx), it is neither easy nor practical to free feed the newcomer. I was...
  2. Maddy Ishues

    Dry skin spots?

    hello, im new to sphynx lair so I’m not sure if this topic has been covered. My 2 month old sphynx kitty has developed sore like rashes on his legs. He also has a similar dry spot on his back but it is not bleeding like the ones on his legs are. He was sick two weeks ago, sneezing, watery...
  3. Lickleone

    Food question

    Riley likes wet food and only wet food won't touch dry unless I disguise it inside his wet food Is it crucial that he gets dry?? He eats A lot about 5 pouches a day lol he definitely eats more then Tau did as a kitten or now that his adult lol Should I add dry to his wet or should I just...