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  1. Siriusphynx

    Skin moisturizing alternatives- oil sensitivities

    Hey all I'm hoping to get a little input on some skin sensitivities. Our bathing routine tends to be pretty basic: I fill the bath get them in and soap them down I use a very mild washcloth. Rinse and then put a small amount of coconut oil on after. (I've tried before as well but I don't always...
  2. PharaohSphynx17

    Dry skin...

    I just adopted a 2 year old boy. I found he has pretty dry skin. He seems to scratch around his neck a bit too. Is there anything I can use to help him? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. A

    Dark flaky/patchy looking areas a few days after bath and coconut oil.

    Hi everyone! I am new to this website! I adopted a baby boy sphynx who is almost 5 months old, his name is Klaus. He is truly the apple of my eye and I love him so much. After his first bath last Saturday, his skin seemed to become dry as he is not oily in the first place however, I wanted to...
  4. Leanne


    Im sorry to bother everyone on thanksgiving but i just need to know...could this be ringworm? We discovered it after taking off her shirt ㅠㅠ we have four other animals so it would terrible if it isㅠㅠ
  5. admin

    Sphynx Skin Conditions

    #1 Food allergies: Another very common issue many sphynx owners run into is food allergies. Many studies have shown that certain ingredients contained in cat food are more likely to cause food allergies than others. The most common offenders are beef, lamb, seafood, corn, soy, wheat gluten and...