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eyes problems

  1. M

    Kitten with swollen eye

    I just got my kitten today and when i collected him his eyes were very watery but i thought nothing of it, i drove 3hrs to collect him and on the way back i noticed that his eye has green/yellow discharge and was slightly swollen and is gradually getting worse Could this be something serious ...
  2. Mickey Toulouse

    Questions about my new Sphynx kitten

    Hello fellow Sphynx moms and dads! I recently got my new kitten about a week ago, he is about 3 1/2 months old. She gave me papers that said he was neutered, got a vet check and 1st vaccinations. He has been doing fine as far as I can tell, sleeping a lot and playing like crazy, he cry’s a lot...
  3. Ames152

    Donskoy kitten possible eye issue

    Hi, Forgive me if this was posted before, I couldn’t find any info on it. I just adopted a baby donskoy from a reputable breeder. I’m absolutely in love with him already. Today I took him to his first vet appointment and she mentioned she was concerned that his eyelids may need to be trimmed...
  4. Kat Mannix

    Under eyes looked burned

    I just got my Sphynx kitten a week ago. He's been perfectly healthy. This morning he woke up with under his eyes red and looking burned. I'm not sure what happened. Any help would be great! Thanks Kat
  5. Moezesucks

    entropian eyelid

    i have come to believe this has is happening to my kitten sphynx, the doc says she has so much skin its just causing her eyelids to turn in. he mentioned the can grow into their skin and that can be resolved. but i mean shes obviously had it awhile now. surgery was suggested to either: A. lazer...
  6. robin

    Eye has white spot ...

    Our new Sphynx had a white spot on her eye when we bought her. Yes from a breeder in California...she had papers and shots both parents were TICA and no known illness. We took her to vet get 2nd set shots and check eye out. They said what all vets say ...it could be herpes ...so did check swab...