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feeding kitten

  1. Yana and Osiris

    Can I feed my kitten after he pukes?

    Hello there. First of all, I'm very happy to join this fantastic community, I had been following, before my baby arrived. This is my first hairless kitten, my family has got 3 mainecoon cats :) Osiris is turning 3 months old in 2 days. He is extremely cuddly and... capricious. It's been a week...
  2. LineB

    Raw diet : strict or mix with Dry without grains

    Hi, me again:shame:.... at first when I first sigh up the adoption contract for my baby .My breeder has told me that he was feed on Dry food only without grains (Fromm):cat:. Then now , less then 2 weeks before coming home (and that I have bought a 3KG dry food, like she mentioned), she started...
  3. HeatherNumber1

    Food Choices Overwhelming

    I am a new mom to a beautiful bare girl and recently acquired a Bengal and rescue kitten. I want to feed my babies quality food but reading the labels on all the choices available has made me cross-eyed. I'm currently feeding Nutro Max, but not sure if I should switch to another brand. I want...
  4. L

    Luna is home! Now i need help..

    Hey!! We brought Luna home on Saturday! She's wonderful! Behaves unbelievably well, listens (most of the time) she even sleeps in her own bed. She also doesn't mind being in her crate much. We have her bed, blankets, toys in a big crate where she sleeps right next to my bed. My only concern is...
  5. ArlosMom

    Feeding BITR and ziwipeak?

    Hi everyone. Me again with more food questions! So sorry--but I want to make sure I start this baby off right! So, I ordered my BITR mix but they emailed and said they are waiting to get their food from the supplier and said that it hasn't shipped yet. We get our baby the 2nd weekend in...