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feeding times

  1. W

    What to buy with raw to keep teeth strong/when to feed and how much?

    So I know cats need to chew on harder things with their raw diet to scrape plaque and keep teeth strong. What do you all buy for your cats to accomplish this since you can’t mix kibble? In addition I work 12s and am wondering if raw will work if I can’t feed them during that time(I know 3 meals...
  2. carly gail

    Eating each other's food, getting SICK!

    Help! I am at such a loss. My roommate's kitty and my sphynx kitten are great friends, however they keep eating each other's food. My roommate buys really bad dollar-store cat food, and Baldwin ofcourse is eating special food for sensitive digestive systems. He vomits atleast once a week now...
  3. HeatherNumber1

    How much should my kitten eat?

    Many moons ago when I had cats I was told to only feed dry, because wet was bad for them. Now I'm hearing that wet should make up the bulk of the diet. How much and how often should I feed wet? I'm at work all day so I leave out dry and fresh water for my kitties. I've been splitting a tiny...