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first sphynx

  1. invaderjill

    Hi! First sphynx!

    Hello! I picked up my new babies on July 25th. So far it’s been a blast. This is my 14 week old Sphynx, Novel, and his 15 week old F2 Elf cat sister, Nezumi. These photos make them look huge, but they are still so small. -Jill
  2. R

    Newcomer here with a question

    Hi guys, hope you're all well. So, I've recently moved into a new place by myself and had been thinking about getting a cat for a while, there's plenty of space but I like to do a lot of research, I did a few "What kind of cat should I get?" compatibility tests and Sphynx came back every time...
  3. Bosskitty

    Transition period

    I'm soon to become a sphynx mum! I am adopting my friends Sphynx, Mouse. I should be taking him home towards the end of the week, I'm so excited I can't wait! He's a previous rescue that my friend saved from a place where the previous owner's dogs would pin him down and bite his ears and sadly...
  4. beccerzz11

    new baby coming home soon.... tips for transition??

    Hello! My first ever sphynx is coming home Jan 4 and I am preparing my home. I've cat-proofed (thanks to all of your suggestions), but I was wondering if there were any other tips on how to make him comfortable, teach him where is litter will be, etc. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Marerickson

    First time Sphynx Mom!!

    Hello! My name is Marissa. I am a first time sphynx mom and I get to pick up my little girl next weekend! Her name is Zhuri and she was born 02/11/17. I would appreciate any tips/advice that you would like to offer! I want to be as prepared as possible for her first day at home! Thanks!! I look...
  6. Fluffyseti

    I have a SPHYNX and a CORNISH REX

    Hi Sphnxlair Community I got a lovely little Sphynx from a family who had to travel for work, My Cornish Rex Male was NOT HAPPY to have a little "sister". He actually scratched her and drew blood. A wise woman who did cat rescue gave me advice. Put both cats in sweaters then the next day...
  7. Montanna

    Looking to Adopt in Missouri!

    Hello all! I've been on the hunt for quite a while for my first ever sphynx baby! I live in MO but I am willing to travel a bit for the purrfect hairless addition to my family. My messages are open. :love:
  8. xXsarahXx

    About to be a first time sphynx mommy. Need help!

    Hi everyone, so on Thursday I am going to be adopting a 6 year old female sphynx named Ginger. She will be my first sphynx, so I need lots of tips and advice on how to properly groom and care for her. I was a little skeptical about adopting her because she is older and I have a 6 month old and I...
  9. EmmaKristina

    Look to buy my first Sphynx kitten; reputable breeds in the MA/NY/VT area?

    Hello everyone! I am very excited to buy my first Sphynx kitten after months of research and years of wanting one. I would like to buy a Sphynx (leaning towards a seal or chocolate point). Does anyone know any reputable breeds around those areas? What are some breeders I should look out for? My...