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  1. Pawsofmayhem

    Skin issues

    I have a 5 yo rescued sphynx who I’m 90% sure was let outside consistently by the previous owner. When we got Freddy Krueger, he had severe yeast build up and very, very dry skin. This was 2 years ago. I am a veterinary technician, and have spent the last 2 years with many dermatologist visits...
  2. AlbertoMp3

    My cats skin is a bit dry

    Hi this is Juno she’s my 7month old Sphinx! Recently she got these spots on her arms and chest and it seems a bit flakey. I don’t know if she spends the day sunbathing when I’m at work but could that be it ? She has a vet appointment but do you guys have any home remedies ? Should I try a warm...
  3. Kumoandkaze

    Rough hair, rash, and constant flaking

    Hi! My Sphynx(Kumo) is 6months old and has been having many skin issues. It started about two months ago and the vet at the time said it looked normal and it was probably acne. It didn't look like acne to me so have changed his food to grain free and also tried chicken free. I bathe them weekly...
  4. Deannalyn

    Sphynx Dry skin

    My spuddie has very dry skin and gets flakey. I've also noticed he has some rough spots on his rear that have become darkend. Almost looks rash like to an extent. Not painful for him but have no clue why it's happening. I purchased some emu oil shampoo and after his bath put pure coconut oil on...
  5. elleinad8050

    Remedy for Dry Skin?

    My sphynx recently became very dry all over his body. I can see his skin become a little flakey. Any suggestions on what I can do? I imagine this is from the recent weather change, it is fall and dry.