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general care

  1. J

    New Owner In Search Of INFO!!!

    Can anyone recommend a comprehensive, Sphynx-specific website, PDF, etc. for information regarding the general care and maintenance of the breed? I don't bring my new family member home for two weeks and want to be sure I'm as ready as I can be. Most of the info I've seen so far seems to be...
  2. GingerTea

    1st Kitten Ever

    Hi! I've been reading through so much of this site daily to feel more informed & prepared for my 1st cat. I picked her out this month and I'm getting her in December. The breeder uses ExquisiCat Pine Litter, and feeds Wellness Complete Health Kitten wet food. I'm wondering if these are all...
  3. Mousemumma

    Mum to be!

    hi all, I am a ridiculously excited mum to be in October of my first Sphynx kitten. She will come all vaccinated, microchipped spayed and insured from the breeder and her heart will have been scanned. My main concern is, I have two existing cats who get on fine but one is a Siamese and I'm...