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  1. dmlidiane

    Hairy Sphynx Cat

    Hi Guys, the baby I’m about to adopt has some hair. The previous owner said she never bathes her, but I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. Does anyone have the same issue? Should I bathe her? Or just use wipes on the hairless areas? thank you so much
  2. Shannonartsy

    New to sphynx kitten questions

    Hello my name is Shannon and my boyfriend and I just recently put a deposit down on a beautiful 4wk old girl. Obviously we can't bring her home for a few weeks but I am curious about her markings and that she is quite fuzzy ( a lot more than I expected) her parents are Canadian sphynx and I got...
  3. admin

    My sphynx cat is hairy and fuzzy! Why?

    Sphynx tend to get the "fuzzies" in the winter months no matter if your climate is cold or warm. Also, not being spayed or neutered can cause hormone changes like growing hair or fuzz at different times in the year. There is never a guarantee of hairlessness in the sphynx breed, they can become...