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  1. Asti loves Halloween

    Asti loves Halloween

    Asti first Halloween she is loving the decor
  2. Happy Halloween from Mr. Biggles!

    Happy Halloween from Mr. Biggles!

  3. Happy Halloween from Princess!

    Happy Halloween from Princess!

  4. Rachael McLain

    General update and ready for Halloween!

    Hey everyone its been way too long since I've been around! I've been SO busy. I'm currently enrolled at Cleveland State University. I'm going full time with 16 credit hours, I'm currently on the executive board of the PRSSA Chapter at CSU, writing for the school newspaper, The Cauldron, and I'm...
  5. Nudie Patootie

    Halloween Clothes

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Who is ready for Halloween? We have had so many requests for more Halloween Shirts, we wanted to let you know that we still have some Halloween inventory! Fleece witches and several one of a kind tshirts from Peanut through Lots to Love sizes! Tons of vibrant color...
  6. lolvo

    Photo Update: Halloween Mischief Edition

    As usual, Miss Demeanor is getting into absolutely everything - including my pumpkin spice cereal - while I have "maintenance" destroy and thoroughly waterlog my entire bathroom whilst replacing the valve in my bathtub faucet. All the stress of the situation is making Miss Demeanor turn into...
  7. Spoon&Sphynx

    Happy Halloween!

    Darwin put on his creepy face for Halloween!
  8. LuckDuck

    Quick! Need Halloween ideas for myself and critters!

    Hi there everyone! It's been a long time since I have been on here (mostly because I'm a pretty busy person who sucks at technology - ie: messing with the computer usually takes more time than I have). In any case, I figured out of all the critter groups I'm a part of, the sphynx people ought...
  9. PetitePuce

    Kojak is totally ready for Halloween

    I couldn't stop laughing when I shot this video of my little Kojak - isn't he a cute little hippo? I never expected to get such a laugh when I bought this little hat! What are other kitties planning to be for Halloween?