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hcm scan

  1. beccerzz11

    first HCM scan

    Wybie turns one in July (yay!!!!!) and I just was wondering how to go about booking an HCM appointment. Does anyone in the Boston area have anywhere they take their babies? Thanks :)
  2. Lola Dineen

    Non-breeders: how often do you scan for HCM?

    I know there must be a million threads on this but I'm struggling to find them! Do you (non-breeders) scan regularly - ie, yearly, even when there are no symptoms? We scanned at 1.5 years (all clear for 2 brothers) and the cardiologist somewhat dissuaded us from doing it annually. He basically...
  3. Sofia Kitty Cow

    Sofia the Kitty Cow

    Id like to introduce my 4lbs pounds of love ! Her name is Sofia, often goes by cu-yyiee or kitty cow ( you will agree with the pictures below :love:). She is now 4 1/2 months. She enjoys meowing at and chirping at the top of her lungs until I run worried looking for her but she just wants...
  4. Lady Godiva

    Should I take Lady Godiva to...

    Should I take Lady Godiva for a Heart Scan. I adopted her over a month ago, she has had three vet checks and has been spayed and is fine and they are not hearing any murmurs or anything, although, I know you can't always detect that just from listening. She is around 2 years old and very...
  5. zoinks

    So nervous... HCM scan tomorrow!

    So, tomorrow is the day. Alfie & Dippy are getting their first ever HCM scan and I'm so nervous. They are booked in at 2 & 3pm with a Dr who has a DACVIM in Cardiology, so they are in good hands, I am just worried and praying that their little hearts are healthy. Also, Dippy turned a year old...