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hcm screening

  1. dwong2704

    1.5 y/o just diagnosed with HCM

    Hi fellow hairless cat pawrents! It’s my first time posting here though I always lurk for advice. My 1.5 year old sweet bambino girl, Mewtwo, went in for her first routine ECHO yesterday to screen for HCM, and we didn’t receive the best news. Apparently there is mild thickening of the left...
  2. carly gail

    Baldwin was diagnosed with HCM at 4 years old.

    I am absolutely DEVASTATED. Here is his diagnosis: 1. Segmental hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) Mild focal hypertrophy of interventricular septum, borderline hypertrophy of left ventricular free wall, prominent asymmetric papillary muscles Mild verging on moderate left atrial enlargement...
  3. Lola Dineen

    Non-breeders: how often do you scan for HCM?

    I know there must be a million threads on this but I'm struggling to find them! Do you (non-breeders) scan regularly - ie, yearly, even when there are no symptoms? We scanned at 1.5 years (all clear for 2 brothers) and the cardiologist somewhat dissuaded us from doing it annually. He basically...
  4. Emily Ahrendt

    HCM questions

    Hello all, A few months ago Aleister was diagnosed with asthma and he has been doing well on the inhaler. However, I recently looked into feline heart disease and I'm scared that he might have some symptoms of HCM. We had several x-rays done on him, and the radiographer said that his heart was...
  5. Amy31


    i have a question on HCM, as I'm slightly confused, so, is this most common in Sphynx cats alone? Or just any breed of cat in general? I like to browse the Internet in my spare time just to see if there's anything I'm missing in the care of my little one, and often I read Sphynx cats have no...
  6. Amy31

    HCM screening and UK specialist vets

    hi all I've been reading up,on HCM and I'm wanting to get my little one screened to sort of put me at ease, I have absolutely no worries about his health but I'd feel even better doing this! On a lot of things I read it says to screen the if breeding, surely you can have it done if you are not...