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  1. Sphynx Cleo

    change in behavior at sitters

    I’m not sure what happened in Cleo’s head. She’s had the same sitter since she was 2 weeks new to me, she was raised by his dogs and when I watched them all together two weeks ago she was fine. She loves the female dog, the wrestle and sometimes they get a little rough and need a half hour break...
  2. 65B606B9-1BD3-4404-866B-B4B8107C2F96.jpeg


    Doing everything possible that everyone knows I’m here
  3. naked is best


    HELP HELP HELP I AM FREAKING OUT. My boyfriend was home with both kitties today while I was in class all morning, when I came back home this afternoon I opened the door to get inside and closed it behind me and made my habitual trek to see my man and kitties. Bf was holding kitty number...
  4. Wyfwulf

    Cat suddenly terrified and angry

    I have had my sphynx, Sansa, for two years and she's currently just a little older than that. She dealt with a respiratory infection as a kitten and had a bout of bloody stools back then as well but otherwise has been happy and healthy. She is very affectionate and loving, sleeping with me every...