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home alone

  1. ameliabalcom

    “alone time”

    okay so normas doing fabulous and flaunting her crazy personality more and more every day! my only problem is i feel awful that we have to leave her alone at times i work 10-4:30 my boyfriend works 4:00-10 so the most shes ever alone is really like an hour and a half even when i do my things...
  2. Elycia

    Leaving my sphynx alone!

    I recently moved out of my parents house and i have a 10 month old sphynx. Since I have had her she hasn't been alone because someone has always been home. I now live alone and I am scared to bring her over because I work a lot and do overnights. Will she become depressed from being alone...
  3. Amy31

    Home alone!

    hey guys just a quick one! I wonder how many of you go away and leave baldys with family/friends? I'm going on a course in April that's for 2 weeks, I'll be away a week at a time but home for weekends, so lucifer will be staying home with my parents, but I'm reallyyyy scared he will forget about...