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kitten issues

  1. TemmieW

    Bored and doesn't play

    Hi guys! I have a very big issue with my little lovely girl Temmie (almost 6 months old) and would much appreciate some help. She gets bored of toys extremely fast and just doesn't play with them anymore. I tried a bunch of toys — wands, strings, with bells, without bells, some balls, mice...
  2. khdz29

    Sphynx kitten won’t play and sleep all day

    Hi! a few days ago i adopted 3 months old sphynx kitten, his name is Iggy. I was so excited, but very much confused about his activities because it’s my first time having a hairless cat at home. I tried to play with rope, ball, furry things and other toys. Pretty much hoping he’ll likes it, but...
  3. Jackolyn

    Digestive Issues in 15 week old Kitten

    Hello there! This is going to be a LONG story, but alas, it still doesn't have a conclusion. I hope that this might help someone else out there, or if anyone has experienced something similar, please let me know. **I will be sure to keep this updated as new information arrives.** ---- I...