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  1. Mowgli


    My cutie!
  2. Maddie


    So apparently this is how you show love.... she's not biting hard though lol crazy kitty
  3. sphynkles

    Scraped Paw Pads! ):

    :cry::(So, Kilo enjoys walking on a leash, but today, on the way back from our walk, he stopped and started licking his paws! I picked him up and looked at his lil feetsies, only to find that he had somehow scraped his toes on all four paws!! :arghh::(:confused: I took him inside and washed his...
  4. Maddie

    Green and Bloody Poop.... Astrid's Adventures

    So Astrid is not having a good day.She's acting normal thankfully, but her poop is grass green and filled with blood. It was so bad that the cat that hates bum wipes, came and meowed at me to wipe her butt because she had poo and blood everywhere... So off to the vet we go today (in an hour)...
  5. CYMERA_20170209_180557


    I just love him more and more with every pic
  6. Maddie

    Bath night!!

    Well, Astrid's first real bath went well. She only escaped the tub once! I used the blue dawn dish soap in the water and Vétoquinol care for sensitive skin shampoo on her. It left her with the slight coconut smell, nothing over powering thankfully! It rinsed off easily too. She only allowed for...
  7. BusterTheCat

    I met my baby today!

    I flew in yesterday to have a visit with baby Dunkin (the decided upon name) and went to see him earlier today. He was so tiny! From his photos I was expecting him to be bigger but he was still a teeny tiny little baby!! It's been a long time since I've seen such a little one :love: I took lots...
  8. BusterTheCat

    Update: Officially and Expecting Mother!

    I recently made a post about the fact that I am expecting a new baby boy! I wanted to wait to show a photo until I knew the breeder was comfortable with me posting, so here he is! His Gotcha day is May 9th and I am visiting him this weekend :shame: Meet baby "Kristoff" of the Frozen litter! His...
  9. L

    New here!

    Hi! We are new here! Just got our first Sphynx baby on April 8. He's 3 months old and we are so in love with him! I named him Akhenaten after the alien pharaoh of Egypt. Akhen for short. My wife and I also have a 1 year old human boy ;) So excited to have found sphynx lair. The picture with his...
  10. Buster the Kitten

    Buster the Kitten

    This was Buster on the first day he came into our family <3