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litter box crimes

  1. Mochigrandpa

    Mochi not using the box(diarrhea)

    Hello I’m new to the group but I’ve had my Mochi for about 5 months now and I have an older one as well named Grandpa. I kept mochi on the breeders diet (royal canin) and wanted to transition to a different food but for the past month he’s had diarrhea and we’ve gone to the vet and they gave...
  2. JessyJane

    Soooo much poop!

    Good morning everyone! So a little background before I get into the dirty stuff.. I have a 2 year old male [dobby] and a 13 week old female [laveau]. I am gone from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday and I clean the kitty box before and after work and after they use the bathroom while I am home...
  3. HappyLilSphynx

    Litter box issues/solutions

    Earlier today I learned of a sphynx in need of a home largely due to some litter box issues. I've said that I may be willing to try to work with him (he is going to be evaluated by a vet before I can make any decisions about moving forward!) Here's what I know ... He is estimated to be 7 years...
  4. lolvo

    Photo Update: Halloween Mischief Edition

    As usual, Miss Demeanor is getting into absolutely everything - including my pumpkin spice cereal - while I have "maintenance" destroy and thoroughly waterlog my entire bathroom whilst replacing the valve in my bathtub faucet. All the stress of the situation is making Miss Demeanor turn into...