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  1. OswinTheFox

    Looking for hairless cat of any age, gender! Willing to drive!

    I’m willing to drive up to 12 hours one way to adopt a hairless cat! Preferably an adult fixed male but any cat that needs a home would do lovely! Located in Kentucky WILLING TO DRIVE! No kids, large apartment, 2 small male fixed dogs, 1 male fixed cat, 3 adults in apartment, so someone will...
  2. Pattieshmayo

    Looking to adopt

    Hi there I’ve been searching for a sphynx cat to adopt for years as I have allergies and am allergic to normal cats with fur I’m looking for a cat to kind of be a support animal as I don’t have anyone else in this world and I can’t find a reliable breeder they have all fallen through and I’ve...
  3. Bbennan

    Looking to rehome/adopt a new BFF!

    I’m in Maryland, but willing to travel within the US We do have a 5 month old friendly kitty, Mica, who needs a best friend for life. We don’t have any kids, yet, but probably in the future. We’re a house full of love, toys, and the anticipation of crocheting kitty sweaters! *Picture of our...
  4. Necromancer

    Looking To Adopt In NC (Or VA/SC near NC Boarder)

    Hello, I currently have the complete opposite, a family of 3 Persian cats. Two are rescued seniors. One is 12, The other is "at least" 10 years old. My youngest at the current is meek but confident. He lets the other cats handle anything for him. Except Rumples, my eldest, The other two know...
  5. Katrina Mahmoud

    Looking to adopt around Michigan or further

    I’m absolutely obsessed with spyhnx cats. I would love to first adopt someone in need before spending over a grand on a kitten.
  6. beccasteeves

    Not a Sphynx owner yet

    Hey there, everyone! My name is Becca and I just joined. My fiance and I are looking to get a sphynx kitty at some point in the near future. My tattoo artist has a sphynx named Cosmo and I fell in love. My fiance is allergic to cats, but loves them, so I figured, what better cat than a sphynx...
  7. M

    Looking for a breeder!

    Well, it is with a heavy heart I post that the sale just fell through regarding the kitten I was meant to pick up this weekend :( I won't go into details.. BUT this means I am now on the hunt for a REPUTABLE breeder! Must be registered and scan for HCM, also must ship to Canada. I would love to...
  8. meowmamaNV

    Kitty mama in NV seeking new addition

    Hello all! First ever post since joining, so here goes... I am a 21 year old mother to three boys (two being human) and one rescued fluffy boy cat named Sebastian. My sons are still young but have been around animals since birth and are very comfortable and respectful of them. My family has had...