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loose stool

  1. Sammicarkeys

    Loose Stool and Grain Free food?

    I feel like a broken record. I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me B**ch about my cats poop. He has finished his second treatment for Giardia. I'm not convinced he even has it anymore. I'm starting to think its a food issue. So I've taken some advice from fellow larians. I'm attempting to...
  2. jenjen2312

    Loose stools

    I got Sebastian about a month ago, the breeder had him eating purina kittnen chow, when I got him home I made the switch to acana pacifica, I mixed the food for a few days until it was just the new food, he had started with solid stools but not theyre loose, and has been that way for about a...
  3. alex617

    3 weeks diarrhea/loose stool

    Where do I start? First let me point out that I have taken Khaleesi to the vet, on 2 separate occasions. The first time was about 4 months ago when Khaleesi found her way into the kitchen and helped herself to the leftovers (a cooked bratwurst) on the stove. **We have since made the kitchen...
  4. crtygerfly

    Curly tail with loose stool

    Genghis is eight months on May 4 and he's has loose stool with occasional bright red blood at the end since I brought him home around Thanksgiving. I have been back and forth with the vet. His stools and my other cats stools test negative. Propectalin and pumpkin do not work. No vomiting...
  5. Wrinklestiltskin

    IBS- Our story

    An admin recommended that I share our IBS story, so here goes! My husband and I took over the care of Miss Kitty (now 14) when she was around 5 years old. At the time, she was very overweight, being fed low-quality food, had tooth issues, and had not been bathed, had her ears cleaned, or...