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loose stools

  1. AlienKitties

    Pooped out… and all that goes with it

    Hi all. Going to post a not so uncommon thread on IBS or stomach issues that cause diarrhea/soupy poo and ask for advice. Inherited a 6month old Sphinx kitten after my mom passed. She had awful ear mites and an infection in her ears. But otherwise healthy so I thought. Over time I noticed...
  2. S

    PLEASE HELP! loose stool

    good afternoon everyone, I am panicking and seriously worried about my Frodo, he is 1 year and 6 months, I've had him for 3 weeks now, I bought him from a breeder that couldn't have the cat anymore as it wasn't getting along with her other adult cats and many kittens. When my partner went to...
  3. acook3593

    Tummy trouble and a sore (?)

    Hi everyone! I replied about this in my intro post but I figured it's better to post this in here. So Millie was Initially having loose stools, belly gurgles, and was VERY gassy (SUPER SMELLY) but wasn't acting sick or lethargic or anything. We tested her stools twice and both were negative for...
  4. kahluasmom

    What has worked for your Sphynx diarrhea

    My sphynx is almost a year old. Caught her about a week 1/2 ago licking milk from my kids cereal bowls, and she had also licked maple syrup off my sons breakfast plate. Shortly after about a day later, she developed severe diarrhea. Its still going strong after taking her to the vet. They...
  5. Busera

    Sassy just started Raw food

    Hello all, Thought i'd ask a few question regarding these new meal i'm trying on Sassy. Firstly, when i had Sassy she had already been pooping loose stools and was given dry food by the vet. That was when we were in London. But i brought her back to my hometown here in Brunei and its gotten...
  6. pussiette

    Pumpkin how much? (Dosage)

    How much plain boiled mashed cooked pumpkin do you add to food for a 5 1/2 month old and 7 mth old kitten with intermittent loose stools please? Both have had faecal exams and one had a course of flagyl. Changing the wet to dry food ratio helps greatly but still sometimes we are getting loose...