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  1. LoonyLuna


    So my kitten Luna had a bad reaction to the pain medication she was prescribed after her spay. We were in and out of the vet all weekend and since then I've been giving her new pain meds and antibiotics by mouth, which she hates. As well, she loves to run and jump but I've been trying to limit...
  2. Janie rosell


    Hi Everyone! I'm a little worried. A week and a half ago I rescued this 2 and a half month old sphynx kitten. She's gorgeous and super sweet. Everything seemed fine until Saturday we went to get her vaccines and she's been having diarrhea, she's been super sleepy and not active much like she...
  3. Maddie

    Medication and Other Treatments

    Hi! Just curious as to what medicines and other health related things (i.e vaccinations, anaesthetic, etc.) that everybody allows or doesn't allow to be used on their babies? I am just making up a health record for the vet that writes everything out on one page and thought I would add on...
  4. treefoil

    Mycoplasma and Herpes

    Hey there, my boy Oscar has eye-issues since i got him one year ago. I tried different vets, and homeopathy. Homeopathy worked best so far but the problems didnt go away.... now I saw a new vet and she told me to visit an eye-clinic, because she thinks its an entropium. While searching the net...
  5. Wrinklestiltskin

    Kitty Cat Arthritis

    Miss Kitty is a healthy, fairly active (for her age) 14 year old sphynx. We have had our share of health situations through the years, but all have been managed over time and she is doing very well. She recently had radioiodine treatment (I-131) for hyperthyroid and is now cured. However...