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  1. KelseaLoren

    Introducing my Sphynx to my dog? Help XD

    I am not getting my baby until May, but I have been trying to figure out everything in advanced. I was wondering how I should introduce Oliver to my dog, Sam. I would know what to do if I was introducing Sam to a puppy, and for some reason in my mind a puppy is a little more hardy and would be...
  2. admin

    Introducing a new adult sphynx cat or sphynx kitten into the home

    Introducing a new adult Sphynx cat or Sphynx kitten into the home Introducing a new cat or kitten into your home can sometimes be very stressful to you, your current pet residents and of course the new kitty. Here are some tips to help this task go smoother and keep all your pets a bit safer...