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  1. byulbunny

    Visible microchip?

    Cuddling with Loki on the couch and I just noticed this little funny lump - could this be his microchip? Pictures below!
  2. Bosskitty

    Pet Microchip

    I've had my 3 year old sphynx (Mouse) since February. This is his 3rd and now forever home. My friend rescued/adopted him from a place where he was abused and Mouse is still registered to that owner. My friend has tried to contact the previous owner several times over the last few years and they...
  3. Natka58

    Microchip registration company

    Hello everyone, Soon to be owner here, in just a Little over 12 hours Due to the excitement can’t sleep, decided to register his microchip and there are soo many options. Who did you register your chip with and why? Cat is chipped but not registered.
  4. kelsheyyx

    collar suggestions?

    My clever kitty has figured out how to get his collar off. It's a standard breakaway collar - what happens is he bites the plastic hard enough that the clasp doesn't close right so he can just knock it off with his paw or mouth. Does anyone use or know of breakaway cat collars where the buckle...
  5. Kelly


    What is everyone's thoughts on microchips to track our babies?? There is a clinic offering to do it for $10 at a local pet store. Any thoughts?
  6. captain_tinky

    Horrible Microchipping Experience!

    So today was Pippin's last set of kitten shots and her microchip was to be put in today. Her appointment was at 10 am california time, when we got there we were immediately greeted by one of the receptionists we usually go say hi to when we take Pippin to get new clothes or toys as well as...