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  1. Wednesdaysmum

    My boy is 5 months and I'm getting him neutered

    Hey Friends and Felines My little boy Wednesday is getting desexed on Monday, I'm worried about him and would like to know if anyone has an unneutered male cat and if there are real complications and behaviour issues that arise from not going through with the operation. He is an indoor only...
  2. keon718nyc

    New To The Lair :)

    Hello everyone and glad to meet you all, My name is Keith. I have a 9 month old blue eyed Sphynx named Jinx who lives with me here in New York City. He's a great companion and love him dearly. I have had him now for about 7 month's now, was neutered about 3 months ago and he is doing really well...
  3. Joe

    Couldn't be neutered....now what ?

    I took Luci for her appointment at the vets just over a week ago. Unfortunately, she didn't take too well to the anesthetic, and the vet ruled the operation as too much of a risk. So, she can't be neutered, but what am I to expect now? Will she just be on heat a couple of times a year, or will...
  4. kfleisher

    Looking for a home for neutered male Sphynx - Las Vegas

    I have a sweet neutered male Sphynx, (Leonardo Di Catprio), 5 years old, who HATES our new dog. We got our puppy last March, and despite our efforts and hopes that they would eventually work things out, they haven't. Leo urinates and defecates wherever the dog lays, and it has gotten out of...