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new babies

  1. Screenshot_2019-08-11-17-03-06.png


    Asti n her mommy
  2. captain_tinky

    Pippin's going to be.....

    a big sister! Husband couldn't stop the bug so I ended up putting down a deposit for 2. He gets the boy and I get the girl. We got a black female and a seal boy. Can't wait for them to come home!
  3. Nakedandcurly

    So happy to join you guys!

    Hello everyone! So happy and excited about this new part of life! I'm from Sweden and two weeks ago I got my first naked baby, and three days ago I got a curly Cornish Rex as a friend to him! A lady Rex. Had some complications with their diarrhoea though. But those lucky babies are on a...
  4. JaniinaEklund

    Ade Boy's mum

    Hi everyone! My name is Janiina and proud and happy mum of Ade. Ade is dark coloured sphynx who I picked up from Milanese breeder. Currently we live in Finland where this breed is still pretty rare. Ade is 5 months old and very playful and loving boy and from the first moment I saw him I adored...
  5. leah jilton

    Taking care of a new litter

    Hey everyone, I havent been in a while but I need some advice. I will be watching a brand new sphynx litter and their mom for a few days. I've got some idea of what to do but I don't want to overook anything important so I could use some pointers. Just anything you guys look for in your...
  6. deesphynxqueen

    Settling in...?

    Well it's been 7 days almost and things are slowly improving although not great. Furbaby one is still aggressive towards skin baby one and two. The other hairy cat just skulks around them and tries to tap their tails when no one is looking lol. Haven't found any accidents other than on day one...