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new home

  1. GMPLAX23

    New Kitten Questions- SUGGESTIONS

    Hi everyone I am getting ready for my Kitten to come home and I am buying things for his homecoming! I don't want to get too overzealous. I have been looking at cat trees and travel carriers. -Should I invest in a cat tree before he comes home? I'd like to see if he likes to climb UP before I...
  2. Arielle

    New Home Any tips?

    Hi guys! So my husband and I (and my naked baby + furry baby) have moved in a new house (yay). I am just looking for a couple of tips. First problem I have is that Amadeus (my naked baby) wipes his eye gunk on the walls. Me being new to home owner I put 409 on it to clean it and its slightly...
  3. aballoun

    Our newest family member <3

    Hello! I'm from Fort. St. John, B.C, Canada. My fiancé and I have finally purchased our first pet together, and couldn't be happier with the choice we made. We searched high and low, and being this far up north, we had to be picky and patient. We found little Spoglio last week and I got to...
  4. misseliss

    New Environment Stress or Vet Care?

    Hi All, I need your help and opinions! Day 4 of having the kitten, she's 3 mos old and we have been slowly introducing her to the dog (no close interactions.) She has finally gotten the hang of using the litter again, but is throwing up the little amount of food she is eating each day and...
  5. vjurgens86

    Sphynxes in one room

    Hi everyone, I adopted two sphinx cats, ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2, two months ago. I guy I had briefly dated got these two two as kittens and he only got them because an ex-girlfriend wanted them and when she left, she left the cats as well. This guy had no business owning cats; he never played...
  6. IcarusTowers

    Icarus - Gotcha Day (2/215)

    Woooo!!! He's here! After months of patience since seeing him when he was just 5 weeks old, he's now purring and in and out of snoozing next to me. What was great was coming back to the breeder's home and Icarus jumping up my leg knowing it was me. The trip back was amusing - had to go via...
  7. J

    I need a new loving home in IL

    Bella is a beautiful 3 year old female. She is very loving to me, tolerant to my husband, likes my daughter and hates my son for no apparent reason. I have watched him with her and he does nothing different than the rest of us and she hisses at him. She will bite (not hard) when she does not...
  8. Don Waffle

    Donskoy in West TX Needs New Home

    Hello! I'm in San Angelo TX and I'm looking for a new home for my little Yuri. He just turned one year in March. Yuri is a sweet little guy who needs and loves bucket loads of love. The little attention skunk is known to jump up on anyone (Even people new to meet him) just to rub chins. I...